a day in the life of the VFC YOYL team


YOYL is an accronym for Year of Your Life. Which is group of young people that devote a year of their lives to serving the church. This is the fourth team that VFC has had and here is the team:


Team Leader: Pascal Marot







Monique :

Hi, my name is Monique…but you may call me Mono or Stereo or anything else that tickles your taste buds or floats your boat J I am super duper excited for this year and for what God has in store for us as individuals and as a team!! It’s gonna be awesome! I am currently 18 years old, but on October 24th I will turn the tender age of 19…It’s gonna be an awesome day. Woohoo! I am really keen for the trips this year. I don’t know how I’ll react to having to rough it up, but I’m keen for a challenge so that excites me! I like eating food, and I like my friends…which is actually a great combo because “Friends don’t let friends get fat!” Teehee J I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. And I love dancing. I do ballet and modern and I thoroughly enjoy them J I am not the fittest person when it comes to running, so the fitness programme is going to be interesting…But I am still excited! I am way excited for swimming! wOoHoO!! I HATE cockroaches and spiders…they totally freak me out…yuck! Well, now that you know a teensy bit about me, I’m gonna head out! See you round like a donut. WOOP WOOP!!!


Greetings all…

One day i’ll own a pair of purple skinnys. And maggots will become extinct. These seemingly minor things would greatly increase my happiness. 
I actually like spiders. Please don’t squish them. I’d even have a pet tarantula if they weren’t so expensive… <big sigh>. I liiiiike…. dark chocolate. Well, food in general is good. Sleeping is also something i greatly enjoy. Art, Rain, lightning, art, green shoes, coffee, tartan, and art. All are good.        

I tend to name stuff as a hobby. The team already knows about Isaac and Fatima…The plants by my kettle. They’re my coffee buddies.  Liking the team. Looking forward to trips.  Excited for this year. Challenges and all. 



Laurel-Lee Gerstmeier is my name
Fun, laughter and adventure is my game,
I love to Discover and do something new
Oh and of coarse I’m SUPER excited to be here too

I’m imported from Cape Town. Come from a loving family, my parents names are Wally and Shirley Gerstmeier. THEY ARE AMAZING!! Oh great beautiful sister too.
I’m here so serve, learn and seek more and more of Gods Face.
It’s a privilege to be doing this year.
And I would not want to be doing anything else.

I would love to get to know all of you. So don’t be shy…
And really look forward to this year and all that God has install for me because I’m ready to be shaped and moulded by my savior king.