a day in the life of the VFC YOYL team

Grants Birthday Cake




Day 2 of YOYL and the media guy at VFC had a birthday. Being a crazy sort of guy who loves T-Rex dinosaurs, the YOYL team had to come up with a creative cake. Which they did, and tasty as well. Grant was overwhelmed and loved posing for photos next to his treasured cake. Good times.

It has only been two days so far and it would seem like the team is starting to settle into the office and enjoy themselves. Well at least from my outside perspective, but the YOYL guys will be posting soon with their own ideas so we can see then.

For now that is a wrap from me.


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  1. simone y

    Aaaaaahhh cute.

    Aug 07, 2009 @ 9:45 pm