a day in the life of the VFC YOYL team


OpEnInG DaY of little LIGHTS pre-school

It was a long day of preperation

We had the hot sun beating down on us as we put our sweat and blood into the painting of our “welcome!!!” banners. But it was definatley worth while =] Lollie and I shared many good laughs as we painted Yani’s little hands and feet to beautify the banners =]

While we were slogging away painting , The rest of the girls and Pascal made a trip to Everlasting which got us all very excited… A trip to Durban = good chance of getting Johnnies Chip and Cheese Rotis for lunch. this is definitely a huge favourite amongst the office! you have not lived without one…

But this trip took much longer than we thought. The team of shoppers left at approximately 12 o’clock… and arrived back at the church at 10 past 3! This delay lead to our team depriving our moaning tummies, of incredibly good food, for 2 hours longer than our usual lunch time. But it was all in the name of love =] equipping us for the BiG and FuN day ahead.

EvErLaStInG brought on much fun. The team bought RAD things (red noses,party hats, face paint and funky party blowers) to make us look like the bright and silly clowns that we are.

FuN! fUn! FuN!

Alarms went off and the day had arrived. The new ‘BIG school for little kids’ was about to be changed for life… we had to be at the pre-school at a quarter to 7 (which is the average time us YOYLies wake up) and get the place ready =] We blew up balloons… alot of them.. 120 of them… and set up banners. The best part of it all was dressing up and painting the little light’s faces =] Pete came up with some rather arb ideas to paint on the kid’s faces… we did not show them what they looked like in the mirror.

all in all it was a beautiful day filled with excitement and happy times. from preparation, to dressing up,painting faces  and to hiding Easter eggs… every moment involved a smile and many laughs.

YaY to the new little lights school =]

Tshelinyama fun!!

Every Wedneday afternoon we take a trip up the steep Tshellies hill to the Kwacutshwayo School to spend time with the children.
Since we are all special and unique, we all participate in different activities that we enjoy most. So far only drama, table tennis and choir have been the activities we’ve undertaken. But it’s [...]


Toxic liquid disposed of, gotta hurry or I'm gonna be late for my greenpeace meeting.....

Finally that day had come where the fate of the team yoyo had to be realised. No one knew when it would come except “The Man…” Michael Mills codenamed Mike. We got told by our trusted leader Pascal Marot that it was a big surprise and indeed it was a big surprise. It was one [...]


It was a battle of Team Supreme and Team Awesome, though being biased GO TEAM SUPREME, they were ultimately the best, it does not matter the end score.
So as I was saying… Soccer was the game and being dramatic was defiantly not lame. From lying rolling on the floor and screaming when kicking the ball. [...]

Grants Birthday Cake


Day 2 of YOYL and the media guy at VFC had a birthday. Being a crazy sort of guy who loves T-Rex dinosaurs, the YOYL team had to come up with a creative cake. Which they did, and tasty as well. Grant was overwhelmed and loved posing for photos next to his treasured cake. Good [...]